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Father's Day Celebration (от John Spottiswood)

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There are no hard and fast rules about what to serve on Father's Day. It all depends on the Father! I've tried to pull together some of my personal favorite dishes that I think most Fathers would enjoy for an early summer meal. If the Father you are celebrating likes to get involved, choose one of the grilled dishes and give him an apron and some barbecue tools. I know that's what I would want!


Appetizers & snacks

Stick with straight forward appetizers that won't require a lot of last minute work. That way you can enjoy them with Dad!
This is super easy to make and really delicious. Can be made well in advance and is served cold with tortilla chips.
This are amazingly delicious and pretty healthy. If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend them. If you're not a corn fan, try the crab cakes below instead.

Main dish

You want something hearty...Dad's like that. But make sure you leave some room for dessert!
This dish is outstanding. Just add the rub, and give to Dad. He'll feel like a hero when he brings this tasty steak back from the grill!
This combination of flavors cannot be beat! If you love salmon and like to eat healthy, you'll be making this again and again!
This is what you see in the photo for this theme. Also light and truly delicious!

Side dishes


Don't leave it out. Dad won't forgive you!
An amazing cake you won't soon forget!
A light, fruity, and beautiful alternative that works well on a warm summer night!
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