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July 4th Recipes - All American Food! (от Kelsey Martin)

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Spice up this 4th of July with recipes sure to keep family and friends coming back for more. Whether you are hosting a traditional backyard barbecue or bringing a side dish to a potluck, these recipes are sure to satisfy a crowd. Enjoy!

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  • Abbey
    08 марта 2012
    I'm not so fond of American food. How 'bout trying French cuisine? One of Michelin's website is at gourmandia (just google it)
    I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!
    • HusseyTyM
      18 ноября 2016
      I Love your foods.
      I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!


      • HusseyTyM
        18 ноября 2016
        I remember the 4th of July food you made.
        • HusseyTyM
          18 ноября 2016
          I like it of what you make .
          • David
            31 марта 2011
            4th July, this is the day which I remember the most as this is my girlfriend's birthday too. We have potluck in my Area.
            Thank You
            • michelle davis
              21 мая 2010
              I'm so excited for Fourth of July this year. I'm definitely putting the festive pasta salad on my menu, but I'm on the fence about the lamb burger patties; I've never had lamb before. Since I don't have much of a dining table, I'm planning to use my new and throw the Fourth of July bash outdoors. I'm hoping the weather cooperates and can't wait to test out these new recipes and my patio furniture.

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