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Рецепт Aloo Mirch Bhajji

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Aloo Mirch Bhajji

May 2, 2011 By Radhika 21 Comments

The past few days were quite fruitful and very productive. As MIL was visiting she was quite insistent that I stock for the year with pickles and vatrals which was what we were doing. We made some Maavu vatrals aka rice crispies, mango and lemon pickles, and Vengaya Kari Vadagams. The days were kept busy with minimal cooking for lunch and in the evenings we both cooked up some amazing tiffin varities which the children enjoyed so much.

This Bhajji is one of my MIL’s specialty and the whole family’s favorite. You will need some really long green chillies for this Bhajjis. The first time I saw her doing this I was quite convinced that this will bring tears from my eyes…

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