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Рецепт Grandma's Soft Italian Cookies with Frosting

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My grandma, mom, have handed down from generation to generation...a simple recipe and traditional Italian cookie. Please check out the links below the recipes for more of grandma's favorite Italian Style Cookies!


  • Come visit the website for this and many more recipes.... this one will be your favorite if you love Italian cookies!


  1. See links below for instructions on How To Make these awesome homemade cookies! Grandma's always made the best out of simplicity! These are amazing... Great for any occasion! Beautiful on wedding trays! There are other links for Italian cookies below as well. Check them out and more @What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine Blog...
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  • Debra
    31 декабря 2015
    Can't get this recipe any where as there are no links to click on!
    1 reply
    • Claudia lamascolo
      01 января 2016
    • Dawn
      16 декабря 2014
      I too have been making these every Christmas, the recipe has been handed down 3 generations with the original coming directly from my great grandmother in Italy. Although her recipe varies from yours: 12 eggs, 8 C flour& we try to ice the whole cookie. Love them!!!
      • Annette W.
        21 апреля 2012
        This are one of my favorite cookies ever. The sad part is they never last very long!
        • Sandy Denton
          24 февраля 2012
          I am very new to this site...and am thoroughly overwhelmed with all the possabilities. I can't wait to try one offering after another.
          • judee
            03 мая 2011
            I always buy cookies at the Italian bakery. Now I have an authentic recipe.. They look so good.
            • suzabella
              01 мая 2011
              A blast from the past and my Nonna; we called them "succarines" origin of Naples
              • Claudia lamascolo
                28 октября 2010
                Just an fyi there are links above to take you to the webpage and under Italian Cookies you will find all the family recipes handed down. Just click on Whats Cookin Italian Cuisine...
                • Pam's Midwest Kitchen Korner
                  28 октября 2010
                  Your cookies look and sound delicious! I love that they are soft and not crunchy. Interesting with the anise extract and I will definitely have to try this.
                  1 reply
                • Pamela Cervantez
                  26 июля 2010
                  Has anyone heard of cookies like this but with orange juice concentrate and no anise? Thank you!
                  • 11 июля 2010
                    finally made these today! they were amazing, i rolled them out to about 3 inches and twisted them, iced them as soon as they came out of the oven so the icing thinned out! luv em.......XX thanks for sharing........sorry i haven't posted any of my recipes. i haven't figured this stuff out yet. can you not just cut/paste/copy recipes in here or do you have to type it all out?
                    • 26 июня 2010
                      that is such wonderful news Claudia......thank you, thank you!! you've shed the light to so many questions i had on these cookies.......funny how oil makes cakes moist, but would dry out cookies, my mother will be sooooo happy that we've figured these fabulous cookies out, since we are Portuguese.........:) god bless, thank you for your help XX both cheeks.......i'll keep you posted with our results......:)
                      1 reply
                      • Claudia lamascolo
                        26 июня 2010
                        not ever a problem, hope these are it for you, we made alot of cookies for wedding trays and this is our favorite ,you can use almond, orange anisette, lemon, any flavoring, but always use a little vanilla with it too...let me know excited to hear how they turn out :)
                      • 26 июня 2010
                        Ironic that this recipe should pop up now.......:) my mother and i just had one of these 2 wks ago at an Italian Cafe. It was twisted and very moist with almond flavouring. We have been researching recipes now and i'm finding oil and milk in the recipes. Does this make the cookie much more moist in texture? thanks XX
                        1 reply
                        • Claudia lamascolo
                          26 июня 2010
                          Oil and milk is a basic recipe but they will be actually dry, these are moist and don't dry out in a few days after baked, the oil ones will. The butter keeps them moist and soft compared to oil which drys the flour. I have made them both ways, and this one is the family can add what you like but its personal preference. thanks for you comment :) good luck
                        • Patricia Turo
                          15 апреля 2010
                          We also have a recipe similar to these and call them annisette biscotti. However we only use anise flavoring and have other cookies with almond, vanilla or lemon flavoring. Look just like ours! We make them for almost all of our biscotti trays as they are a favorite of our customers and our family and friends. You can see them on our web site under biscotti.
                          • Catherine Pappas
                            07 марта 2010
                            Sounds wonderful Claudia! I have to make these soon!

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