Рецепт Chocolate Peppermint “Oreo” Crispy Treats

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Posted by alisa on December 22, 2009 | 21 Comments

Since posting about our party menu, complete with dessert bites of pumpkin bread, snickerdoodle blondies (recipe here), and peppermint oreo crispy treats, I have had a few requests for that crispy treat recipe. It really is quite a simple one. However, while the first two batches were successful in taste, they were a bit crumbly in my opinion … so I wanted to make sure I was posting a recipe that would work best.

You see, it was my first time experimenting with Marshmallow Fluff (the brand), and boy was it a gooey mess! As a kid I did use mashmallows and even Jet-Puffed Marshamallow Creme, but never remembered it being quite so glue-like.

Regardless, this recipe turns…

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