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A typical sausage consists of ground meat that's combined with fat, flavorings, and preservatives, and then stuffed into a casing and twisted at intervals to make links. Pork is most commonly used, but butchers also use beef, lamb, veal, turkey, chicken, or game, and some also use fillers like oatmeal and rice to stretch the meat a bit. Casings vary too--in addition to intestines or artificial casings, butchers sometimes use stomachs, feet, skins, or they do away with casings altogether and sell the sausage in bulk. After assembling a sausage, a butcher can either sell it as fresh sausage, or else cure, dry, or precook it in some way.

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  • Sausages
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  • Joyce Matthews
    13 марта 2010
    This recipe should have stated what kind of sausage to use - there are so many varieties. The only one to use to make this authentic is andouille. New Orleans foodies agree you can't make gumbo without it.

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