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With their subtle tropical flavor, papayas are wonderful in fruit salads, puréed fruit drinks, or even shish kabobs. They're also good for you and easy to peel and seed. Papayas from Hawaii are more common and more flavorful than those from Mexico. Yellow ones that yield to gentle pressure are ready to eat, and should be refrigerated. Green ones will ripen at room temperature in just a few days.

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Также известен как

  • Fruta bomba
  • Lechosa
  • Tree melon
  • Pawpaw
  • Papaw

Можно заменить

mango OR peaches (use twice as many) OR nectarines (use twice as many) OR cantaloupe OR honeydew melon OR kiwifruit (as a meat tenderizer) OR tomatoes (in salsas) OR pineapples (Like papayas, these hold their shape when cooked, so they work well on shish kabobs.)
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