Рецепт Recipe For Mushroom Powder

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“At the Cape, when wild mushrooms were plentiful, they were picked and preserved in a spice sauce or dried for later use. Cooks used their own preferred herbs and spices to improve the taste of the mushrooms. Add this mushroom powder to soups, pastas, sauces or vegetables to enhance the flavour” Cape Winelands Cuisine page Head straight on to the Recipe For Mushroom Powder When I still lived in Sandton there was a joke doing the rounds. The one kugel said to the other “Do you use your rearview mirror” and she replied “No, I do my makeup at home”. I am reminded of this joke every morning on my way to work. The traffic has become worse and worse over time. It used to take us 15 minutes to travel the 12 kilometers to work. Now it takes…
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