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Рецепт Fajitas, an Authentic Mexican Dish?

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The answer to that is sort of yes, and sort of no. The Spanish word “faja” belt or girdle; and refers to the cut of meat known as “skirt steak”. The “fajita” means a smaller version of the skirt steak itself, or the thin cut to create the fajita filling. Grilling meat was not a new style of for the Mexican culture, nor for America; but Mexican vaqueros introduced their American counterparts to their style. Many parts of were discarded, such as the skirt, or given to the ranch hands in lieu monetary compensation for their work. The meat needed to be grilled to the membrane, or “silver skin”, from both sides; it helped keep juices in, was still too tough to ingest.  today, many…
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  • myra byanka

    I'm a Texan and grew up eating Tex-Mex. Fajitas are based on a Mexican dish called arracheras, which is grilled meat wrapped in a tortilla. Fajitas are technically tacos and skirt steak can't take a marinade that has anything acidic in it (lime juice, wine, etc.) for more than a few hours, or it turns to mush. Since skirt steak is ridiculously expensive and much is wasted by trimming silver skin and fat, I marinate flank steak, grill it medium rare, then slice it thinly on the bias. Muy sabroso!
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