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horseradish (prepared) This pungent condiment goes well with meats and fish, and it’s a key ingredient in cocktail sauce. It’s best to buy horseradish in small amounts and store it in the refrigerator—it turns dark and loses much of its bite after a few months. Look for it in the deli case. Varieties: The most common is white horseradish, which is made with vinegar. Creamed horseradish = cream-style horseradish has a little mayonnaise and/or sour cream added; horseradish sauce has a lot. Red horseradish = beet horseradish is made with beet juice.

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Также известен как

  • German mustard

Можно заменить

wasabi OR horseradish sauce (not as potent as freshly grated horseradish, so use more.) OR black radish (salt, let stand for an hour, then rinse if serving raw)
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