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The most common form of coconut in markets is the dry coconut, with a hard brown shell surrounding firm coconut meat with liquid in the center. Green coconuts = water coconuts are young coconuts with very soft meat inside. They're more often found in the tropics. Select coconuts that are free of cracks or mold, that are heavy for their size, and that have lots of water in them when you shake them. To crack one, hit it along its equator with a blunt instrument, pouring off the water when the first crack appears.

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Также известен как

  • Dry coconut
  • Green coconuts
  • Water coconuts


1 whole = 3-4 cups grated; 1 tablespoon grated dry = 1 ½ tablespoons fresh grated; 6 cups grated = 1 pound.

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Brazil nuts OR macadamia nuts
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