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Farm Fresh Food

Fawn 02 января 2013

Hi everyone,
My husband and I decided to try a box of Farm Fresh to You box of veggies and fruit. (It's a box of farm fresh goodies delivered to your door) So.....We got our box this morning. It has carrots, broccoli, Kale, butternut squash, mandarin oranges apples. So excited I know what to do with all that! But... We also got fennel leeks and beets. I am not sure what to do with the leeks and fennel and I am not a big fan of beets, but to be fair I haven't ever had fresh from the farm beets. I know soup can be made with the leeks. I was wondering if there were any other suggestions. I am thinking soup is my best bet? Any advice??

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Smokinhotchef 02 января 2013, 18:54
Re: Farm Fresh Food

Hey Fawn. Fresh 'farm to door' veggies and fruit sounds awesome. We grow beets at home, and at first from prior experiences, beets were not remotely in my top 10 veggies. After I halved, drizzled with olive oil and tossed them with kosher salt, I finally realized how wonderful they were. The beets take on an amazing earthy sweetness as a result of the roasting, and the skin peels right off. Even my youngest daughter Bronwyn, 5, loved them. The roasted beets may be cooled and diced and added to salads, soups, or as is for a fabulous stand alone side dish. I hope this helps. I also sliced and deep fried some for fun once. I got positive feedback on those as well. They taste sort of like oysters when breaded and deep fried! Being an oyster fan, this result turned out to be super fabulous. Interestingly enough, the beets that I fried were freakishly large, and roasting wouldn't have been optimal, since they tend to be a bit fibrous when too large, but I was determined to find a use for them, since they were given to me! They were actually about the size of a grapefruit!

Fawn 02 января 2013, 21:47
Re: Farm Fresh Food

Thank you Smokinhotchef for your feed back! I will try roasting them. Also, you mentioned deep frying and I am reminded of some veggie chips my parents had and I am pretty sure beets was one of the veggies, so that would be better than eating chips from the store no? Thanks again, I will let you know if I have been converted to a beet lover!