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the best chicken noodle soup I ever et ! (от Bary R Witterholt)

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the search for the very best from scratch chicken noodle soup


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  • kelly oomen
    03 января 2011
    I do have a real good chicken soup recipe. do you want to make the stock too? my kids, hubby and friends love it and I make a huge pot of chicken soup atleast twice a month. I would be happy to share it with you if you would like it
    • Bary R Witterholt
      21 августа 2010
      I,m searching for the recipe of my Grandmother, who made the best Chicken Noodle soup that I've ever eaten. this goes back more years than i care to mention ( 30 to 55 years back)
      I have tried for many years to duplicate that delicious soup she made down home on the old farm site of the family, but I just can't recapture the flavor. Anyone have a recipe from scratch ?

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