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Learning to put it in words (от Michelle)

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I have all of these recipes in my head and know how to make them by heart. I never use measuring spoons. So putting my recipes on here is a bit of an education for me to be able to actually see how they break down


Я еще не добавлял рецептов! Проверьте позже!
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  • A.L. Wiebe
    04 января 2012
    This a good theme, Michelle!
    Many of us have these recipes/methods about how to make our favorite foods...but just try putting these into words in order to share with others is definitely a challenge at times. Most of the time I don't even bother to measure ingredients, as I've made these foods for years, and just go by taste, smell, feel, and the look of a dish.
    I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!

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