Рецепт Multiple Personality Disorder Muffins aka Morning Glory Muffins.

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Good morning, how about warm, freshly baked muffin; one with multiple personalities?  That is exactly what the Morning Glory is all about; an “everything, but the kitchen sink” recipe.  The long list of ingredients out as carrot cake with raisins, then becomes Hawaiian with coconut, and up with apples and cinnamon for that all American pie. Walnuts are added just to prove it is nuts.  There you it, a muffin with multiple personality Morning Glory Muffins were created by Chef Pam of the Morning Glory Café, which was open from 1979-1982, on Old South Nantucket, MA.  The recipe was printed Gourmet magazine in 1981, but was so popular that it was re-printed in October 1991 issue. …
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