Создатель: Chrissy Judson Weber

Breadmaker recipes?

An 20 сентября 2009

Does anyone have any recipes for making dairy/soya/nut free bread, preferably in a breadmaker? Oh, and it should preferably not be brown bread, as then I can't eat it.

Here in England, I find that most bread you can buy contains soya lecithin (emulsifier). Was in Belgium recently, and they didn't even have ingredients listed, so that was just as frustrating.

Any ideas will be gratefully tried!

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NICK GODWIN 19 декабря 2009, 18:43
Re: Breadmaker recipes?

I am not sure if this will help if you, but if you can tolerate white flour making bread with out dariy/soya/or nuts is easy since these ingredients are only added to increase shelf life or produce a finer texture, regular white bread only requires the following;

water 1 1/3cups
salt 1 1/2 teaspoons
oil 2 tablespoons
sugar 2 tablespoons
flour 4 cups
yeast 1 1/2 teaspoons
if you use the bread maker add ingredients in order given, otherwise mix every thing except flour together first, for the bread maker this makes a 2 pound loaf and i use a light crust setting,
I use olive oil and honey instead of sugar, also i reduce the salt some due to a salt restricted diet, however some salt is required to make the yeast work correctly so never less than half of the amount listed, sorry these measurements are all US equivelents, i am not sure of the british conversions, Good luck!!